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About Midea CAC

Midea Commercial Air Conditioner

Midea Commercial Air Conditioner (MCAC) is a division of the Midea Group founded in 1968. It was established in 1999 and manufactured the first VRF in China in year 2000. With inverter driven residential and commercial air conditioning equipment and controls, Midea is among the world’s largest volume electric motor, compressor and HVAC manufacturers with 14 domestic and 6 overseas manufacturing bases. And three of them are particularlly for commercial air-conditioners.

At present, MCAC is a leading supplier of commercial products, underpinned by a mature marketing, sales, and project design framework.

Midea Group is a # 402 company of Forbes 2015 and a # 468 company of Fortune 2015 with revenue in excess of $ 21.3 billion in 2015 and more than 90,000 employees worldwide, making it the one of the largest global air conditioning company.

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Midea Commercial Air Conditioner provides worldwide service solutions to more than 50,000 projects worldwide.

Adhering to the concept of Technology Inspires the Possibilities, Midea Commercial Air Conditioner provides the best solutions for real estate, hotels, transportation, large stadiums, communications, industrial, medical, educational applications and so on with its cutting-edge technology, high-quality products and professional services. Midea CAC has become one of the leading companies in the HVAC industry.

Midea Commercial Air Conditioner has dedicated decade’s constant innovation in science and technology and various applications, from exterior design to interior technology, from sizzling hot to freezing cold, from 10m2 to 10,000,000 m2, from China to the world. We strive to deliver revolutionary products and provide comprehensive climate solutions to the world.

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Our History

Starting from 1999 Midea commercial air-conditioner contributes to the commercial product R&D and technology innovation. By cooperating with the international enterprises plus the independent R&D, Midea CAC achieves big success in the commercial air-conditioner market and established thousands of the reference projects all over the world.

MCAC History

2016 Acquired 80% stake of Clivet S.p.A

2015 JV with Carrier in China in the chiller field and JV with Bosch in VRF production

2014 Grandly introduced the new MC series chiller product with top class efficiency under AHRI certification

2013 Launched V5 X series all DC inverter VRF with 88HP capacity & Full falling-film centrifugal chiller

2012 Formed Midea-Carrier JV. Company in India and HK

2011 Formed Midea-Carrier JV. Company in Brazil

2010 Built the 3rd manufacturing base in Hefei

2009 Launched the DC inverter V4 system globally

2008 JV with Toshiba Carrier for the DC inverter technology

2007 Won the first Midea centrifugal chiller project overseas

2006 Launched the first VSD centrifugal chiller

2004 Acquired MGRE, entered the chiller industry

2001 Partnered with Copeland to develop digital scroll VRF system

2000 Developed the first inverter VRF with Toshiba

1999 Entered the CAC field

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