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V4 Plus Individual Type 7HP-16HP

V4 Plus Individual Type 26HP-32HP

V4 Plus Individual Type 7HP-16HP

Based on strong R&D strength and years of experience in commercial air conditioning industry, as well as our consistent concern on environment and global warming, Midea proudly introduces the V4 Plus VRF product,which is designed to optimize performance and better match varieties of application requirement. Especially, the integrated designed V4 Plus Individual Type is focus on provide better air conditioning system solution for the small and middle-sized buildings in the global market.

V4 PLUS SERIES VRF product, which is designed to optimize the system and better satisfying the market. Offering a higher capacity up to 64HP by combining maximum four outdoor units, in 2HP as an increment.The outdoor units capacity range from 8HP up to 64HP in 2HP increment. Maximum 64 indoor units with capacity up to 130% of total outdoor units can be connected in one refrigeration system.