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Duct units Low static Pressure (1.8 – 7.1 KW)


Duct units Low static Pressure (1.8 – 7.1 KW)

Midea’s Low Static Pressure Duct type air conditioner offers a capacity from 1.8kW to 7.1kW. Utilizes the centrifugal type blower,provides a minmum noise level of 24dB(A),an excellent chioce for hotels and other sound-sensitive places. Uniform 210mm in height,compact design for easy locate where space ceiling is limited.The whole body adopts fireproof plastic material,the mimimum weight is 4kg.

Midea provides 12 types and more than 100 models of VRF indoor units to meet varied customer requirements in a wide range of locations including shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and airports.V5X Series operates stably under extreme conditions, ranging from minus 20°C to 48°C.The Low Static Pressure Duct indoor unit utilizes centrifugal blowers, reducing noise levels to as low as 24dB(A), and is an excellent choice for hotels and other noise-sensitive locations.