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M-Thermal Monoblock

M Thermal Split type 4kw-16kw

M-Thermal Monoblock

It’s a kind of air source heat pump which contains the outdoor unit ,hydraulic indoor unit, solar kit and sanitary water tank, the system can satisfy your needs for air conditioning, under-floor heating and domestic hot water that the maxinum output water temperature is up to 60 ℃. The system uses under-floor heating mode to keep your room warm, the thermal energy transfers from the floor to the ceiling, it’s more comfortable to your thermal feeling.

M-Thermal is an integrated system that heats and cools space, as well as produces domestic hot water. It oers total heat solution all year round. This system can complete instead of the tradition gas or fuel boilers, also can work together with them.

– Renewable energy source
– R410A, low CO2 emissions, environmentally friendly
– DC inverter technology, high energy efficiency
– Sucient heating capacity at low ambient temperature (even at-20°C)
– Provide space heating, cooling & domestic hot water, total heat solution
– Compatible with other heat source such as solar energy and boiler