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V4 Plus W Series-Water Cooled 24HP-36HP

V4 Plus W Series-Water Cooled 24HP-36HP
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V4 Plus W Series-Water Cooled 24HP-36HP

The Midea V4 Plus W series is the perfect combination of water and refrigerant systems. The main unit achieves the world’s largest capacity of 36HP and provide the highest energy efficiency for cooling and heating. The series boasts excellent energy saving features, flexible system design and maximized comfort. In addition to traditional cooling towers / boilers, there are more water source options including river water, soil, solar energy, sea water, lake water, ground water, waste heat from production, sewage or waste water.

Outdoor units are given anti-corrosion treatment for non-extreme conditions as standard and can also be customized with heavy anti-corrosion treatment on steel sheets, grills, coil fins, electric control box case and screws/bolts for surface protection against corrosive air, acid rain and saline air (for installations in coastal regions) to extend overall useful life.The integrity of the anti-corrosion treatment is ensured by subjecting major components and parts to salt mist testing, moisture and heating testing and light aging testing.