Two-Way Cassette


Stylish unit blends easily with any interior.

Λειτουργίες & Χαρακτηριστικά

Optimized airflow duct with low resistance greatly reduces noise, down to a minimum of 24dB(A).Thanks to the stylish appearance and slim body, the unit suits any room's decor and ambience. At only 300mm high, the unit requires only a small space in suspended ceilings. Installation has no height limitations, which means overall design features much more flexibility.
Quiet Operation
High-lift Pump
High Air Flow
Quiet operation
Stylish design and slim body
High-lift pump
High airflow

Quiet Operation

Optimized airflow duct with low resistance greatly reduces noise, down to a minimum of 24dB(A).

High-lift Pump

Standard built-in drain pump with 750mm pump head

High Air Flow

High airflow for high ceiling application guarantees comfort in large spaces. Guarantees even airflow and temperature throughout the room.

Type Two-way Cassette
Power Supply (Ph-V-Hz) 220-240/1/50/60
Cooling Capacity (kW) 2.2~7.1
Cooling Capacity (kBtu h) 7.5~24.2
Cooling Power Input (W) 35.0~98.0
Heating Capacity (kW) 2.6~8.0
Heating Capacity (kBtu h) 8.9~27.3
Heating Power Input (W) 35.0~98.0
Air flow (cubic meter h) (573/531/492/456/420/364/315)~(1200/1115/1068/1000/921/808/770)
Sound pressure level (dB(A)) (33/31/30/29/27/25/24)~(44/42/41/40/38/36/34)
Main Body
Net dimensions (W×H×D)(mm) 1172×299×591
Packed dimensions (W×H×D)(mm) 1355×400×675
Net Gross weight(kg) (33.5/42.0)~(35/43.5)
Net dimensions (W×H×D)(mm) 1430×53×680
Packed dimensions (W×H×D)(mm) 1525×130×765
Net Gross weight(kg) 10.5/15
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