8HP-20HP V6R Series VRF( 50/60Hz)


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Λειτουργίες & Χαρακτηριστικά

V6R Series VRF can simultaneous cooling and heating in the same building, meeting the diverse temperature requirements in different spaces. At the same time, V6R VRF can be integrated with Fresh Air Processer for FRESH AIR SUPPLY. V6R Series VRF can be connected to the AHU, and it can be applied independently or in conjunction with other types of IDU for heating or cooling in large spaces. V6R Series VRF applies the cutting-edged Midea Evaporating Temperature Alteration technology, which can realize automatically alter the evaporating temperature in cooling and condensing temperature in heating according to both indoor and outdoor temperature to maximize the comfort and energy-saving. The seasonal efficiency is increase by 30%. V6R Series VRF also has the Doctor m. function, which can not only perform real-time self-diagnosis and monitoring, but also automatically save the last 30 minutes of running data.
High Efficiency
Wide Operation Range
High Reliability
Simultaneous heating and cooling
Hot water & Fresh air supply & Large space heating / cooling
Doctor m. Self-diagnosis
Type V6R Series VRF
Cooling Capacity (22.4kW - 56kW)~(25kW - 63kW)
Heating Capacity 25kW~63kW
Fan Motor Type DC Motor
Refrigerant Type R410A
Net Dimensions (W×H×D)(mm) (990×1635×790)~(1340×1635×825)
Packed Dimensions (W×H×D)(mm) (1090×16805×860)~(1405×1805×910)
NetWeight(kg) 232~300
Sound pressure level dB(A) 58~65
Power Supply 380-415V~ 3N ~ 50/60Hz
Connectable Indoor Units (Total Capacity) 50%-200%
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